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Bret J. Scheinfeld   

Audio Engineer & A/V Technician

Phone: 831.295.2474

Professional Summary:  An experienced, professional, dedicated and creative sound engineer and A/V technician seeking a challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding position in the field. Extensive experience as Sound Designer, A1, A2, and Stagehand in concert venues and theatres of all sizes, in all phases of sound production.

Audio Skills:
Experienced live sound engineer, proficient in the setup and operation of PA systems and all associated components, including analog mixing consoles (FOH and monitor), power amplifiers, loudspeakers (mains, fills, subs, and monitors), proper gain structure, signal path and signal processing (effects, dynamics, EQ, crossover, etc.), microphones (dynamic, condenser, ribbon; wired and wireless), DI boxes, snakes, playback devices, and recording devices (standalone and computer-based DAWs).

-Proficient in cable maintenance, proper coiling and storage, and repair/soldering.

-Able to quickly isolate and correct audio problems, such as buzz, hiss, feedback, and signal loss.

Hardware Knowledge:
Consoles including Yamaha PM3000, Yamaha DM1000, Solid State Logic 6000 & 9000, Soundcraft Ghost, Soundcraft Spirit, Midas Venice Series, Allen & Heath GL2200, Allen & Heath MixWiz, APB DynaSonics ProRack H1020, Mackie 32.8, Mackie ONYX 24.4, AutoGram 20x2 Broadcast Console, and many more.

Signal Processing including dbx DriveRack PA, TC Electronics M-One XL, M2000 and M350, Lexicon MX & MPX Series, Teletronix LA-2A, UA 1176, Symetrix 565E & 501, dbx 160A & 1066, and numerous other effects, dynamics processors, and graphic EQs.

Computers - proficient in Windows and Mac platforms, operating recording and playback software including Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Syntrillium CoolEdit, Steinberg WaveLab, BSI WaveCart, Figure53 QLab, and standalone samplers such as 360 Systems Instant Replay.

Additional Skills (Electrical, Visual, Carpentry & Shop):
Experienced in hanging and focusing of common theatrical lighting instruments, follow spot operation, operation of
two-scene preset boards, basic wiring and circuit knowledge, setup and focusing of video projectors, and video camera operation. Experienced in set construction and stage assembly, including carpentry, power tools, painting, and metal work (arc welding, cutting).

Recent Work:
Technical Director - The Laurie Beechman Theatre, W. 42nd St., New York, September 2009 - April 2010
Operate sound and lighting for concerts and theatrical performances; consult with directors on original sound and lighting designs; maintain house sound system.
Console - Crest X-Eight
Outboard - Klark-Teknik, dbx, T.C. Electronic; Crown Amps

Sound Designer, Board Op (A1) - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry; FringeNYC, Minetta Lane Theatre, August 2009
Producer: Paul Schultz
Director: Lisa Asher
Responsible for designing sound effects cues, and operating sound for musical theatre production, featuring eight mic'ed actors, acoustic guitar, mandolin, acoustic piano, and electric guitar. Worked with A2 to complete setup and soundcheck for each show within 15 minutes (per FringeNYC festival guidelines).
Consoles - Midas Venice 320 (main mixer) and Yamaha DM1000 (sub mix for band)
Mics - (8) Senn. SK50 with E6 & MKE2

Sound Designer, Board Op -  The Riant Theatre, New York, August 2009
Production: Rock-a-My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham
Director: Van Dirk Fisher
Responsible for designing sound effects cues, cooridinating equipment rentals, and setup/operation of sound system for musical theatre production with a cast of 30, accompanied by a grand piano.
Console - Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro
Mics - (8) Senn. Evo G2 with MKE2; (3) Crown GLM-200 for choir; (2) AKG CK391 for piano

Sound Designer, Board Op - Classical Theatre of Harlem, New York, June 2009 - July 2009
Production: Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe
Director: Alfred Preisser
Responsible for coordinating equipment rentals and setup/operation of PA system for musical theatre production, featuring 12 mic'ed actors and a live gospel/rock band.  Winner of four AUDELCO awards, including Best Musical Production of The Year (2009).
Console - APB DynaSonics ProRack H1020
Mics - Senn. Evo G2 with MKE2, SKM 565 G2 handheld
Effects - T.C. Electronics M2000

Technical Director - The Journey, San Francisco, Aug 2008 - May 2009
Responsible for supervising and assisting with setup, teardown, and maintenance of PA & monitor system, video projection, and lighting for theatrical church service, featuring a seven-piece rock band. Mix FOH and monitors during service. Record service on church’s DAW, then edit and master for podcast.
Console - Mackie ONYX 24.4

Sub Engineer - Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, March 2009 - May 2009
On-call substitute engineer, mixing FOH and Monitors for internationally renowned blues venue.
Console - Soundcraft Spirit Live 24
Outboard - U.A. LA-2a, T.C. Elec. M-One XL & D-Two, DBX 266xl, Driverack PA

2nd Engineer - The New Kimo's, San Francisco. March 2008 - March 2009
Responsible for operating and maintaining house PA system, mix FOH and monitors for live bands and variety shows.
Console - Mackie 24.8
Outboard - DBX 266xl, T.C. Elec. M350

Prior Theatrical Sound Experience:
Sound Designer & Operator - A Crack in The Mask, Mir&A Aerial Ballet Co., 2007
Sound Technician - Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Pacific Players' Rep. Theatre, 2007

Related Education:
2006-2008: Live Sound and Recording Apprenticeship
Blacquebox Media, Brookdale, CA

2003-2006: Theatre Arts Minor (Focus on Technical Theatre & Set Construction)
Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA  
Skip Epperson, Professor

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