My work is FRESH. I guess.

February 27, 2011
Last fall, I teamed up with Portal A Interactive to do sound design for the intro of their webseries, "White Collar Brawler."  

One Youtube viewer commented: "the sound design for the intro is fresh"

Thank you, kind Youtube viewer.  You're pretty fresh yourself.

Check out Episode 1 (with my intro) below!

All the old posts...

January 10, 2011
Here's the archive of my updates from the last couple years.  It's all the bloggy things I wrote before discovering that I could have an actual blog on this website... only took me a year.

5/17/10 Update: New connections, and "Director's Cut" production nears completion!

Over the weekend, I teamed up with One Earth Productions for an interview shoot in Manhattan.  One Earth, a Los Angeles-based company, is producing a documentary feature film entitled "Seventh Generation."  The film aims to sh...

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