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Posted by Bret on Monday, January 10, 2011
Here's the archive of my updates from the last couple years.  It's all the bloggy things I wrote before discovering that I could have an actual blog on this website... only took me a year.

5/17/10 Update: New connections, and "Director's Cut" production nears completion!

Over the weekend, I teamed up with One Earth Productions for an interview shoot in Manhattan.  One Earth, a Los Angeles-based company, is producing a documentary feature film entitled "Seventh Generation."  The film aims to shed light on the increasingly controversial and politicized topic of Global Warming, and man's impact on global climate change.
Our interviewee was Mr. Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environmental Programme.  This was a standard single-contributor, sit-down interview shoot.  I mic'ed Mr. Steiner with a boomed hyper-cardioid Audio Technica AT4053B and a wired AT899 omni lavaliere.  I sent sound to the DP's Sony EX-3 camera, mixing and monitoring through my SD 442.  I sent a stereo aux feed to my Fostex FR2-LE for backup.
The shoot went smoothly, and Mr. Steiner was an excellent interviewee.  The audio sounds fantastic despite some extraneous sound creeping in through the closed 8th-floor windows (hey, we were shooting in Midtown at noon on a Saturday, whaddaya expect?!).
The client was completely satisfied.  I was delighted to receive an email from the film's Associate Producer today, requesting my services for another upcoming shoot they have scheduled in New York.
I look forward to my next shoot with One Earth Productions.  I am so proud to participate in the production of this documentary, and to work with the amazing people who are making it all come together.  Learn more about the team at

In other news, we are entering the final week of production on the independent feature film, "Director's Cut."  It has been an absolute joy working with such a talented crew and cast!  
Working as a freelancer, it is uncommon to spend more than a few days working with the same crew.  Features give us the rare opportunity to bond with crew-members and forge friendships over the course of a few weeks.  Really knowing the people you're working with, and learning how to communicate with them, is such an invaluable asset.  As we've gotten farther along in production, things have started moving so much more quickly and efficiently than they were at the beginning.  It's been an incredible experience, and it makes me want to work on more features!

3/24/10 Update: Wrapping up a busy month!

Last week I handled production sound for two short films, working alongside Cinematographer Hilarion Banks and gaffer Dan Witrock.

The first project was a Columbia graduate student's thesis film, a paranormal thriller entitled "Hungry Spirits."  The shoot was completed in four 12-hour days, working on location in the Times Square apartment of the film's writer/director, Dwayne Wilson.  "Hungry Spirits" was shot on a Sony EX-3 with DOF adapter and Zeiss lens package, with focus pulled by A.C. Gaily Romero.

The second film, a comedic short from GamePoint Productions, was entited "Unholy Roller."  This one was shot on Hilarion's Canon 7D, and from what I saw of the footage, it looks fantastic.  It also sounds pretty darn good, if I may say so myself.  Despite shooting in some awfully noisy locations, clever mic positioning and meticulous wild-sound gathering saved the day.

I look forward to working on many more projects with all of these great, talented people!

2/1/10 Update: Exciting projects on tap for 2010!

I will be the Sound Mixer on Shivnath Productions' upcoming feature film, "Director's Cut."  With a great screenplay, excellent cast, and talented crew, it looks like this will be an exciting job!  Principle photography begins later this month, with the bulk of the film scheduled to be shot in May.

A few other projects are currently in the works -- updates coming soon!

11/28/09 Update: Awards!

I am proud to announce that two projects, which I had the honor of working on this year, have received some well-deserved recognition.

"Johnny B," a short film by Dave Dodds, has been named one of the "Ten Best Films of 2009" by the American Motion Picture Society in their annual NAMMA festival.  I was the Sound Designer on this project, handling all audio post-production on the film.

"Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe," an original gospel/rock musical produced by The Classical Theatre of Harlem, was nominated for seven AUDELCO Awards.  The show won four AUDELCOs, including Best Musical Production of The Year (2009).  I worked as Sound Designer and Sound Operator on this production, which ran at Theatre Row in the summer of 2009.

Congratulations to all of the incredibly talented people who worked on these projects!  You are truly deserving of these awards!

9/12/09 Update:

Last month, I auditioned to become a new voiceover talent at, a NYC-based company that produces "how-to" videos on every subject imaginable.  My audition went well, and I was called in for my first session last week.  I recorded VO's for several new videos, including "How to tell time from a sundial," "How to dye leather," and my favorite of all, "How to amend the U.S. constitution."

Later this month, I will be producing a series of audio books for San Francisco-based Real Estate education company,  The books' topics will include home renovations, the psychology of selling real estate, and understanding credit scores. 

8/06/09 Update: Newest projects...

The premier of "Johnny B" went very well. In addition to handling all audio post-production duties, I also mixed the song featured in the end credits. As Dave Dodds (producer and director) put it:

"The song, an original doo-wop tune, was written and performed by Vic (Palermo) and features a mostly artificial instrument backing. Not ideal but the best we could get at this time due to limited funds. Going into it, I was a bit concerned but Bret came through and mixed the f*%# out of it. It sounds really quite good."

The film is currently being submitted to festivals across the country.

This month, I'll be handling sound design for two theatrical productions:

"Eat, Drink, & Be Merry" is a part of the FringeNYC theatre festival, running this month at the Minetta Lane Theatre (Minetta Ln. & 6th Ave, New York, NY).  

"Rock-a-my Soul in the Bosom of Abraham" is a gospel/rock musical, running Off-Broadway for two weeks at The Theatre at St. Clements (W. 46th St. & 9th Ave).

7/17/09 Update:
 "Johnny B" nearing completion!

My work on "Johnny B," a short docu-drama by Quarter Scot Films, is nearing completion.  I am handling sound design, mixing, Foley, and ADR.  Check back often -- after the film's premier, I'll post some before-and-after videos!

"Johnny B"
Starring: John G. Passaro, Alexander Sovronsky
Screenplay By:Dave Dodds
Directed By: Dave Dodds
Produced By: David A. Dodds, Bret Scheinfeld (associate producer)

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