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La Paulée - February 2011

Posted by Bret on Thursday, March 3, 2011, In : Pictures 
Working on a documentary about winemakers from Burgundy, France, and the annual La Paulee wine tasting festival. 

Photo by Jigme Tenzing -

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Lizards - January 2011

Posted by Bret on Wednesday, January 12, 2011, In : Pictures 
On location for "Lizards" pilot in Kingston, NY.

Wearing a Sound Devices 552, Fostex FR2-LE and four Lectro UCR411A's can be tough after a while, but I'm still smiling.  It was hard not to smile with Richard Pryor, Jr. on set!

Building the bag and testing the Lectros at 5:45am on the first day.  The hotel's website spoke of scenic views of the Catskill Mountains, but all I could see out my window was a brown swamp...

The bag (and its operator) taking a break between setups in the Holiday Inn c...

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Acquired Taste - October 2010

Posted by Bret on Tuesday, January 11, 2011, In : Pictures 
On location for the HD short film, "Acquired Taste," shot in and around Washington, CT.

The breathtaking view from our hotel, The Hopkins Inn.

Parked outside Nine Main, our restaurant location.  My 8' PSC Elite boom was great indoors, but for the wide exterior shots, I had to break out the 18' Ambient.  It's definitely a chore to swing a blimped 416 on this pole for long takes, but it gets the job done really well.

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