Bret Scheinfeld
Sound Mixer, Utility, and Playback Operator
Member of Local 52, I.A.T.S.E.
Serving the New York Tri-State Area
347-56-MIXER (64937) |

Bret is a talented and experienced craftsman in the field of production sound, equipped with the latest in on-location recording technology. With a background in the high-pressure fields of live sound and radio broadcast engineering, his advanced knowledge of microphone placement, digital recording, signal flow, and audio troubleshooting makes him an ideal candidate for fast-paced productions where critical audio must be captured right the FIRST time.



"Louder Than Bombs" (IMDb)| Joachim Trier, Director (2015)
     Sound Utility/2nd Boom

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (IMDb)| Marc Webb, Director (2014)
     Boom Operator, Second Unit

"The Wolf of Wall Street" (IMDb)| Martin Scorsese, Director (2013)
     Boom Operator, Second Unit

"The Family" (IMDb)| Luc Besson, Director (2013)
     Boom Operator, New York Unit

"Blood Ties" (IMDb)| Guillaume Canet, Director (2013)
     Additional Sound Utility

"Bachelorette" (IMDb)| Leslye Hedland, Director (2012)
     Sound Utility & 2nd Boom

"Nature Calls" (IMDb)| Todd Rohal, Director (2012)
     Sound Utility & 2nd Boom

“Rooftops” (IMDb)| Plastic Tree Pictures | Joshua A. Mayes, Director (2011)
     Production Sound Mixer

“Musical Chairs” (IMDb)| Dream Dance Films, LLC | Susan Seidelman, Director (2011)
     Sound Utility

"Surviving Family" (IMDb)| Surviving Family Productions, LLC | Laura Thies, Director (2011)
     Additional Sound Mixer

“Director's Cut” (IMDb)| Shivnath Productions | Elana Mugdan, Director (2010)
     Production Sound Mixer


"Broad City" Season 5| Comedy Central (2018)
Sound Utility

"Russian Doll" Season 1| Netflix (2018)
Sound Utility

"Difficult People" Season 3| Hulu (2017)
Sound Utility

"Master of None" Season 1| Netflix (2015)
     Sound Utility

"Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays"| HBO (2014)
     Production Sound Mixer - Film Segments

"John Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown"| HBO (2014)
     Production Sound Mixer

"The Americans" Season 2| FX Network (2014)
     Production Sound Mixer: Additional Unit (Multiple Episodes)

"The Americans" Season 1| FX Network (2013)
     Sound Utility/2nd Boom
     Sound Mixer: Additional Unit (Ep. 6, "Trust Me")
     Sound Mixer: Additional Unit (Ep. 13, "The Colonel")

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Seasons 13, 14, 15, 16; Multiple Episodes| NBCUniversal (2012)
     Additional Sound Utility

"CSI: NY" Season 9| CBS (2012)
     Sound Utility: New York Unit

"Project Runway All-Stars" Seasons 2 and 4| Lifetime (2012)
     Sound Mixer & A2

"Project Runway" Seasons 10 and 11| Lifetime (2012, 2013)
     Sound Mixer & A2

"Bronx Warrants" Pilot| FX Network (2012)
     Sound Utility

"Person of Interest" Season 2, Multiple Episodes| CBS (2012)
     Additional Sound Utility

"World of Jenks: Season 2"| MTV (2013)
     Production Sound Mixer

"New York On Set"| Turner Classic Movies UK | The Designists, Inc | Pascale De Laubier, Director (2011)
     Sound Recordist


"Hershey's Simple Pleasures"| National Commercial (2012)
     Playback Operator

"Street King Energy Drink: 50 Cent & Joan Rivers"| National Commercial (2012)
     Boom Operator

"Patrick Murphy for Attorney General of Pennsylvania"| Political Commercial (2012)
     Boom Operator

"Gas-X: Debate"| National Commercial (2012)
     Boom Operator

Mediacom Choice (Four regional :30 spots)| PK Network Communications, Inc (2011)
     Production Sound Mixer

Mediacom Business (Four regional :30 spots)| PK Network Communications, Inc (2011)
     Production Sound Mixer


“Coached into Silence” | Radiate & Reflect Prod. | Chris Gavagan, Director (2010-2015)
     Sound Recordist

“Greedy Lying Bastards” | 1 Earth Productions | Craig Scott Rosebraugh, Director (2010)
     Sound Recordist, New York Unit

"Millennials will Never Forget" | Andrew Jenks, Director (2011)
     Sound Recordist

“Tony Bennett: Duets 2” | Unjoo Moon, Director (2011)
     Sound Utility, New York Unit (Josh Groban and John Mayer shoots)

“La Paulée” | The Designists, Inc. | Pascale De Laubier, Director (2011)
     Sound Recordist

“Ruth Messinger: Global Citizen” | Particle Productions | Philip Dolin, Director (2010)
     Sound Recordist

“Stop The Kennedy Smears”| Brave New Films, Inc. | Robert Greenwald, Director (2010)
     Sound Recordist, New York Unit (Theodore Sorensen interview)


GQ Rules| GQ Magazine Online | Two Penguins Productions (2011)

GILT MANual Minute| Two Penguins Productions (2011)

Cirque du Soleil: Zarkana EPK| Jimmy Lee, Inc. (2011)

Hiraki Sawa| Particle Productions (2011)

Catholic Charities of Orange County| One Glass Video (2011)

“Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera”| Bravo Sierra Motion Pictures, LLC (2011)

Jawbone "Wish I Had a Jawbone"| Portal A Interactive (2011)

OfficeMax: Elf Yourself Float Unveiling| ChaosTheory Media (2010)

White Collar Brawler| Portal A Interactive (2010)
     Sound Design for Series Introduction

Columbia Business School| Particle Productions | Philip Dolin, Director (2010)

Gevalia Kaffe| Kinetic Fin, Inc. | Bradley Farrell, Director (2010)

“Lon Blais Rides Again”| Quarter Scot Films | Dave Dodds, Director (2009)

Vocab Videos| Portal A Interactive | Kai Hasson & Nate Houghteling, Directors (2008-2009)


"Awake"| Mark Finguerra, Director/Producer (2012)

"Boys and Other Distractions"| Stephanie Sertich, Director (2011)

“The Look”| stillMAKE Productions | Hilarion Banks, Director (2011)

“Dope Sick”| Joseph K. Donaldson, Director (2010)

“Coffee & Pie”| Islestone Pictures, Inc. | Douglas Horn, Director (2010)

“Acquired Taste”| David Ruchman, Director (2010)

“The Pie”| Saint Productions, Inc. | Jon Rosenbloom, Director (2010)

“Holy Roller”| Game Point Productions | Greg Greiner, Director (2010)

“Hungry Spirits”| Dwayne Wilson, Director (2010)

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